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Mrhumans aims to make life better for the workers of hand-block prints.
Types of Block Printing:-
There are various types of techniques used in Block Printing according to the regions, some of them are-
Techniques Of Hand Block Printing
Resist Printing
The area of the cloth that is not to be colored is covered with resin and clay paste. Next, the fabric is dyed with the desired color; at this point, the dye penetrates the fractures, creating a wavy look on the material. Following that, the fabric is block printed.
Discharge Printing
The fabric is the first colored color. A chemical is used to remove the dye from the part of the fabric on which the designs will be produced. The printed portions are then treated to allow them to be recolored.
Direct Block Printing
The material is bleached before being dyed in the appropriate hue. Then, using carved wooden blocks, block printing is done on the borders and then inside the borders. Cotton or silk are the fabrics utilized here.
How Has Covid-19 Impacted The Block Printing Community
It is estimated that around 5,000 artisans, both women, and men, participate in the areas around Bagru who have been carrying this craft in their homes for generations. More than 500 families are involved in the hand block printing business.
As the pandemic took force in 2020, there was a drastic 70 percent drop in their turnover, which heavily impacted them. With the increasing prices of the raw material and the products being sold at discounts, the community has suffered from the lack of financial sources. There have also been issues with the lack of face-to-face interactions with customers as well as language barriers that restrict the opportunities.
A little hope comes with orders trickling in from online sellers and smaller boutiques during this time, but the impact has yet to be recovered. The future seems encouraging for the community after the vaccinations pick up but the financial reliability is still heavily dependent on the online sales and COVID-relief funds.
The pandemic has had the world shift towards the world of online and small businesses have been slowly focusing on the traditional crafts. Despite the pick-up of the crafts this year, bringing it back to the pre-COVID pace is still a challenge the community needs to overcome to flourish.