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When it comes to their day-to-day outfits, if fashion bloggers are guilty of anything, it’s sometimes trying a bit too hard to stand out from the crowd. Not every single outfit needs to be a unique snowflake—sometimes it’s enough to look simply awesome. And that’s just what this week’s bloggers have done!

Some of our favorite ladies skipped the fancy accoutrements in their looks, instead opting for simple looks that are chic and statement-making without being too crazy. Click through the gallery below to see 15 summer outfits that are straight-up awesome!

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Apart from this, the trend that Indian men look forward to is comfortable wedding and traditional wear. Whether it’s a quarantine home wedding or a small wedding gathering at a venue, for the groom and groomsmen, embroidered kurtas, sherwani or even options like achkan and open long jacket are recommended. All these are made with lighter fabrics with soft lining which makes them more comfortable and stylish too. As in the upcoming wedding season, everything will be happening in a small gathering, grooms should go for sherwani in lighter shades such as pastel, peach, badge and mint green as these will not make the space look heavier and the grooms will also feel at ease. And for groomsmen, light embroidered kurtas paired with a pant or pajama along with Nehru jacket or embroidered stole would work the best.